3D pipeline

3D pipelinel


the specialists will recognize this.

All others should know 😉

Image Database: .stp files and other CAD formats

Image Database: stp and other CAD formats


Even .stp and other CAD formats can now be previewed and downloaded from our image database..

Files that you sent us, or files we created for you, can be looked at from all sides, exploded views be watched, and downloaded in all possible CAD or CG formats.

Have a quick look at the video below, it’s easy to do.

Questions: email to

You will be assisted with a smile 🙂

Image Database: Notifications

Image Database: Notification


You can receive an email message if new images are uploaden, new versions are available, comments or image or movie annotations were made, structure has been changed, etc.

Have a quick look at the video below, it’s a snap to make these adjestments.

Questions: email to

You will be assisted with a smile 🙂

CG cooperation: the ideal workflow

In order to improve our cooperation on 3D, CGI projects:

For each project, we provide a pdf diagram (via Lucidchart) which will be shared with you. This document interactively shows the up-to-date stage of the project.

AGFA graphics Tauro project

Our client AGFA Graphics asked us to create imagery for a productlaunch.. productlaunces: as usual 🙂

They delivered 3D CAD files. We optimised these, scanned the necessary prominent materials in our TAC7 materialscanner, created camera angles, lighting, materials according to reference photographs, and rendered al large number of images with different angles and composed of different accessories.

All images were deliverd with a minimum resolution of 10.000 pixels on the longest edge. So the images can be used for all necessary applications.

From website-use, to posters or large panels for a tradeshow.

3D animations: a logical consequence of photoreal 3D rendering.

Together with studio photography or 3D rendering, we make 3D-animations of products.

Always with the well known quality label.

material scanner for 3D

In our never-ending quest for even more photorealism in 3D (CG), we invested in a TAC7 scanner from Xrite (Pantone).

As the first one in the Benelux..

With this extraordinary piece of equipment,  we scan flat samples of materials, ausing 7000-16000 shots under different angles, with different exposures, and projection of structures. thus a file is created which can be used in 3D rendering software.

This file possesses ALL visual information of that material, and takes care of perfect lighting and reflections into an object.

A gigantic progress for photoreal renders.

We created a separate website for this:

4.6K cinema-quality

As proud as..: on our new URSA Pro 4.6K camera.

Perfect skin-colors, a dynamic reach of 15f-stops, RAW-shooting for later color corrections and special effects,.. ultimate fun for geeks!

For our clients it means an ideal workflow, cinema-quality and a resolution-overkill. Stills can be cut out of this footage, which can mean a serious cost-cut!

Product group shoot

A grey box.. boring, you think?

Composition, camera angle, lighting, retouching.. create an atmospheric but clear image.

A soft effect light with shoadow effects gives a human touch to a rather cool machine.

A hospital in our studio!

The radiography department in a hospital is seriously occupied.

Many pictures needed to be created, photography and film were required.

That’s why we opted to build a radiography-room in our studio.

Set-builder Des’Arch was hired for the decor. K-light took care of HMI lighting for photo and video, and Agfa sent over technicians and engineer to finish the installation.

We succeeded in creating stunning imagery, which could not have been possibly been shot in a real hospital.

Exactly according to timing. Congratulations to all parties envolved!


The studio can be rented on a daily base.


Our drive-in studio can be rented per day for photographers or video-teams.

The daily price is 835€.

Lighting included: 12xARRI 2K fresnell, tripods, reflection panels, flags..

Coffee is also included :-).

Greenkey shooting

Greenkey shooting



Sometimes shooting on location can be challenging. Or just expensive.

For a client who builds water purifying and bottling systems into containers, we were asked to shoot in a desert environment.

Soon it became clear that shooting on a greenkey would be the best solution 🙂

Blue screen or green screen: both have the same purpose: to easily select and change the background.

Why green or blue? Well, since these colors are less present in skin complexion. A smurf is an exeption for bluekey. A greenkey is better for these creatures.

Shooting diamonds

Shooting diamonds.


On a regular base we work for a client in the Antwerp diamond district.

Because the stones are too precious to transport, we go on location.
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We are not allowed on the river shore!

Location scouting provided us with this nice location.

Only: the authorities did not give permission to drive the car onto the shore for the shoot.

Problem solved: a crane was hired to put the car where is should be. So: we did not DRIVE the car, so no permission was needed 😉

On the set with Van Hool

On the set with Van Hool


Van Hool was attending a specialised bus tradeshow, and needed actual-size prints of the fronts of their busses.

Our studio may be big, a full-size passenger bus cannot drive in.

But with a lorryload of lighting and reflection panels the studio set was built at the clients premises. Finding the right solutions is a huge part of our job.